Utility Bill Summer Saving Tips

August 25, 2021

Interested in saving on your utility bill this summer?

As we push through the final months of summer, the scorching heat can put a strain on your utility bill.

Here are five tips to help beat the heat and save money:

  1. Change Filters and Keep Vents Clean – FIlters and vents need to be cleaned every month. When they get clogged with dirt and dust, the airflow becomes blocked making your air conditioner work harder.
  2. Adjust Your Thermostat Throughout the Day – Avoid setting your thermostat temperature too high, and invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. If set too high, your unit will have to work even harder to cool your place down and drive your power bill up.
  3. Invest in Fans – Fans use less energy than central heating and cool systems. Invest in ceiling fans and set them counterclockwise in the summer to bring down the cool air.
  4. Get in the Habit of Unplugging and Reducing the Use of Appliances – Unplugging appliances when you’re not using them can reduce your electric bill because plugged-in devices can draw a ‘phantom charge’. Smart power strips can help turn off appliances connected to those hard-to-reach outlets. Appliances like computers, hair dryers, and stereos produce a moderate amount of heat; dishwashers and ovens produce even more. To reduce your electricity usage even more, try to fill your dishwasher and washing machine completely each time you use them, and if possible, wait to run them at night when temperatures are lower. Use cold water to wash clothing; water heating is a major energy consumer, even in the summer.
  5. Invest in Insulation, Awning, and Window Coverings – A well-insulated home requires significantly less energy to remain at a comfortable temperature. Also make sure that your sun facing windows and doors have a good cover. Don’t let an expensive utility bill ruin your summer. Follow these easy tips and start saving money!

Make sure your AC systems can keep up with the heat by scheduling your routine inspection and maintenance.

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