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HVAC Accessories: Dust Free Whole-House Air Purifier

Dust Free® Active Air Whole Home Purifier

A DustFree® Whole Home Air Purifier is the best way to make sure your family is breathing the cleanest air possible. 

Invisible threats are everywhere, especially in the age of COVID-19. In fact, the air inside your home can be up to 5x more polluted than the air outside. Make sure that your family is protected by installing a UV Air Purifier. This works around the clock in conjunction with your air filter to disinfect the air in your entire home. This technology has even been proven to eliminate airborne threats of COVID-19 in schools.

HVAC Accessories: Honeywell AirBright odor absorption

24V UV Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT™ Odor Absorption (UV2400U)

A whole-house UV air purifier that removes odors, allergens and more

With today’s airtight homes, odors from cooking and pets, as well as potentially harmful viruses and bacteria are trapped inside. Our New 24V UV Air Purifier with AirBRIGHT™ Odor Absorption works in your home’s ductwork to remove airborne particles such as pollen and dust, as well as odors from food and pets. The air purifier’s ultraviolet light addresses contaminants such as the surface mold on your air conditioning coils. With this one air purifier, you can improve the air quality and breathe easier throughout your house.

HVAC Accessories: ionization generator

Air Purifier – iWave

With technology installed in over 100,000 applications, iWave-R is the world’s first self-cleaning, no maintenance needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in residential duct A/C systems. As the air flows past the iWave-R, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.
iWave-R treats the air in any brand of residential duct air conditioning systems up to 6 tons (2400 CFM) in size with no maintenance and no replacement parts. Designed for universal mounting, the iWave-R typically requires only 15 minutes to install inside or outside of duct, or to attach magnetically near the indoor fan in the air handler. Simply connect to power using its patent-pending voltage input capability. Install between air filter and cooling coil to treat the indoor coil; as an alternative, the iWave-R can be installed in the supply air. iWave-R always works at peak performance, producing over 160 million ions/cc, more than any other ionizer product on the market. Its patent-pending self-cleaning design includes a programmable cleaning cycle that can clean the emitter brushes every 1, 3, 5 or 10 days. The iWave-R is factory set to clean every third day which is adequate for a typical installation. iWave-R does not create “black walls” as negative-only ionizer products will do.

HVAC Accessories: Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat proSeries

Honeywell Home-Resideo T10 Pro

The Honeywell Home-Resideo T10 Pro is a smart thermostat with the ability to prioritize multiple rooms in your home at once. With an included RedLINK™ room sensor, the T10 Pro is able to shift priority automatically when occupancy is detected or when temperature or humidity levels hit the user-defined threshold. Not only does the T10 Pro have the ability to control your heating and cooling system, but your humidifier, dehumidifier and ventilator as well. The T10 Pro is Wi-Fi enabled and works with smart home partners including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more – so you can manage comfort levels using voice commands or from a single app.

HVAC Accessories: Honeywell Humidifier

Humidifier – Honeywell Bypass

The Honeywell TrueEASE™ Evaporative Humidifier is the perfect fit for your home. It eliminates maintenance hassles with easy-access pads and will save energy by eliminating the constant cycling of air. Once installed, this humidifier will deliver comfort throughout your entire home using your central heating and cooling systems. Receive 10 percent off installation of our accessory of the month for the month of September!

HVAC Accessories: Trane Humidifier

Humidifier – Trane Steam

Trane 800 steam humidifiers use electrode technology and are simple to install, operate, and maintain. With electrode technology, electrical current flows between submerged electrodes, resistance of the water to the electric current heats the water. The submerged electrodes are found in a replaceable canister. At the end of a humidifier season, the canister – including the electrodes, is replaced. No cleaning, no scrubbing, simply replace the canister and you’re ready for the next humidifier season. Electrode technology requires impurities in the water to promote the transfer of electricity. For this reason, water filtration is not required with electrode technology, minimizing the complexity of the installation and on-going operating costs. tall Trane Steam Humidifier. Connect to the home water supply, drain and duct-work. Attach to either a humidistat or a thermostat with humidity control.

HVAC Accessories: Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater – Navien

Navien units replace inefficient tank heaters, saving water, natural gas and electricity with added benefits of endless supply of hot water, lower maintenance costs and longer product life. You can cascade up to 16 units in side by side or back to back configurations. The Ready-Link Manifold System provides everything an installer needs for a side-by-side wall-mounted application, side-by-side floor-mounted rack application or floor-mounted back-to-back applications.

HVAC Accessories: Reme Halo whole-home in-duct air purifier

Air Purifier – Reme Halo

The award winning REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier is the next generation of indoor air quality (IAQ) technology and capable of purifying every cubic inch of air that your central air conditioning system reaches. Designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors and air pollutants, the REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier is the best solution for whole house and building air purification.
Invented to recreate nature’s process of purifying the air, it’s like bringing fresh outdoor air inside without ever having to open your windows. And it’s effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: Particulates, Microbial and Gases.
You can now reduce common allergy triggers from particulates such as pollen, mold spores, dander and dust. Thoroughly tested on airborne and surface bacteria & viruses, such as MRSA, e-coli, and Norwalk, to name a few. Say goodbye to odors from cooking, pets, dirty socks, diaper pails, and musty rooms.

HVAC Accessories: Nest Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wifi Enabled Thermostats

We offer a wide variety of wifi-enabled thermostats to meet your homes specific needs. We offer many of the most popular brands including Nest, Honeywell, and Trane. All of our thermostats have touch screens and can be connected and controlled from any of your smart devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, and Alexa/Google Home enabled devices). Our thermostats work with your network to ensure that your system is running with the highest efficiencies possible.

HVAC Accessories: Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner

Air Purifier – Trane Clean Effects

Setting the standard in air quality, the Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner uses revolutionary technology that supplies your home with a cleaner, healthier environment. Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles – including those as small as .1 micron, making it 8 times more effective than even the best HEPA room filters and up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-inch filter.

HVAC Accessories: Compressor Defender

Compressor Defender

The Compressor Defender protects compressors (scroll & reciprocating) and the electronics inside central air conditioners and heat pumps from under/over voltage conditions, scroll reversal caused by brief power disruptions, surge events and system short cycling.

HVAC Accessories: Aprilaire Dehumidifer

Dehumidifier – Aprilaire

The Aprilaire Model 1850 Dehumidifier is a high-capacity solution that helps you achieve total comfort through humidity control. It can be installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system or as a stand alone unit. Generally, the 1850 pulls air from the lowest point in your home and distributes the dry air throughout your home. It is especially helpful for times when there is high humidity but the outdoor temperature is not high enough to run your AC very much.



With a Zoning system, you will be able to control different parts of the house with different thermostats. It allows one system to operate as if it were multiple systems. The system uses a master controller that determines how to open and close dampers in order to control the air that goes to the different parts of the house. It can even heat one part of the house and cool another. Our zoning systems use modulating dampers that open and close proportionally to make incremental adjustments to the airflow.

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