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Solar Powered Attic Vents & Home Ventilation in Houston, TX

Five powerful reasons to have solar attic fans installed:

  • Cost savings
  • Quiet efficiency
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Proactive cooling
  • Eco-friendly and free to operate
  • Solar Attic Vents & Home Ventilation


The right ventilation can make a difference in the overall energy efficiency of your home or business. If a property is well ventilated, it will not use as much energy. This will be a huge benefit to you and your energy bills. One of the newest and most energy-efficient ventilation products on the market today is solar ventilation.
Solar ventilation units take in heat energy, which is collected by the sensors on top of each unit. Once they have the energy they need, their vents and fans power on. It’s a highly efficient way to ventilate your residential or commercial property.


When the heat is just too unbearable and open windows and vents are not enough, make use of solar attic fans available from Hage Energy. We can install solar attic fans that are set to turn on when they reach a certain temperature or humidity level. Running these huge fans on days that are not hot or humid is a giant waste of money. Help lower your energy bills by adding solar attic vents that run only when you need them to.
For quality home ventilation that won’t run up your energy bills, reach out to Hage Energy. We have the affordable, energy-efficient solutions you’re looking for. Contact us today to live comfortably and save money. Hage Energy, we are a heating and cooling company you can trust.

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