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Blower Door & Duct Blaster Testing


A home that’s not properly sealed will let air seep through the walls, floors, and ceilings of your property. This loss of cool air from the inside or infiltration of cold air from the outside will cost you money as it will take more energy to keep your home comfortable.

The best thing to do is call Hage Energy for help keeping your home sealed. We will expertly seal up those cracks in the little crevices of your home. Our services include blower door and duct blaster testing, which will give us a sense of how well your home is sealed.


Hage Energy can conduct a blower door test to spot cracks in your walls and floors, as well as other open areas where air might be seeping out. When we spot these areas, we can fully seal them for you. We can also do the same in your ducts with our duct blaster. We can seal areas of your ducts where air might be seeping out.

If you need to seal air in and help support the energy efficiency of your home, turn to Hage Energy for help with home sealing. Our experts can be trusted to handle blower door and duct bluster tests. Hage Energy, your trusted HVAC contractor in Houston.

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