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Dust Free® Active Air

A unique purification system using dual technologies that target air quality problems at the source using germicidal UV‑C and ionization systems to clean the air in your home.

Houston, TX

Air Purification Solution

Houston, TX Dust Free Active Air Purifier


Reduce large symptom causing dust, pollen, mold, and dander. The DF Active improves the performance of existing filtration systems.


Whole home active air purification using next generation technologies to neutralize indoor air pollutants such as odors and VOCs.


Reduces biological contaminants where the UV-C light shines. These contaminants can grow on A/C cooling coils, drain pans, and duct work. The UV-C light is active 24/7, even when the A/C system is not running.

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How it works...

The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier’s unique combination of technologies help reduce air quality problems at the source, such as allergens, dander, volatile organic compounds, odors, and specific virus. The Dust Free® Active is also designed for easy installation without expensive airduct modifications.

Explore the Benefits

Compact, easy to install design without expensive airduct modifications.

Innovative carbon fiber brushes increase ion production.

Auxiliary power port to power an additional 24V Germicidal UV-C light allowing to easily add an additional UV light to any HVAC system.

Reduces particulate matter such as dust and dander by improving the performance of your existing filtration system. The Dust Free® Active's high-output ion brushes charge particles and assist your air filter in capturing particulates.

Expanded range ballast for increased electrical reliability.

Available in 6" and 12" models.

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