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The Value of an Energy Audit

December 9, 2022

Energy consumption keeps increasing in the United States as the economy grows. In 2022, the total energy consumption is estimated at 4,010 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh). This is an increase from the 3,930 billion kWh consumption recorded in 2021.

High energy consumption occurs due to increased use of older, less-efficient appliances, insufficient insulation from the windows and attics, and other factors. It is important to conduct a home energy audit to assess the energy your home uses, how much and where, and identify sources of wasted power, such as an old filter or malfunctioning blower, making your HVAC system run harder to work.

Understanding Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit is about inspecting and analyzing energy usage and airflow in order to find ways you can minimize energy consumption. Below are the benefits of conducting a home audit, ways to reduce energy consumption, and how much you can save from an energy audit this year.

Reduce your carbon footprint, optimize your home's energy efficiency, and save on utility bills.

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The Benefits of an Energy Audit

There are many reasons for conducting energy audits in your home. It can help you see the bigger picture of your total energy consumption and show ways to reduce it going forward.

  • Save money on energy bills every month
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increases the health, comfort, and safety of your family
  • Boost your home’s value

Environmental Benefits

Energy efficiency has several environmental benefits. It lowers GHG emissions, both direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion and indirect emissions reductions from electricity generation. It can also other reduce other air pollutants, as well as decrease water use.

What an Energy Audit Assesses

A professional energy auditor can use gas leak and carbon monoxide detectors, infrared cameras, moisture meters, temperature measuring instruments, receptacle testers, and non-toxic smoke pens. It offers reliable information so you can make well-informed decisions about upgrades that could lower your energy bills significantly.

Ways to Minimize Energy Consumption:

Energy home audits require expertise and the right tools for effective outcomes. Call the professionals at Hage Energy, we are here to help you improve your home and comfort.

How Much You Can Save from an Energy Audit

A professional energy audit combined with effective solutions can help you save up to 30% of your energy consumption in ONE year. It is a fast pay-off.

Seek Professional Help with Your Home Energy Audit

If you’ve been incurring high energy bills in Houston, TX, it can be due to multiple reasons. Hage Energy has been conducting energy audits in Houston, TX, and assisting homeowners in identifying appliances and other factors that could be causing the high energy consumption and cost. Want to find out more about an energy audit? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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