8 Smart Reasons for Fall Heater Maintenance

October 3, 2022

Top 8 Reasons to Get Your Heater Checked this Fall


1. Air Quality

Breathe better with filtered air, to protect your lungs from air pollutants like pet dander, pollen, and dust. If your heating system isn’t running properly, it is likely it isn’t filtering the air properly either.

2. Lifespan

HVACs and furnaces last longer when they are routinely checked, cleaned, and serviced. Parts that need replacing, left neglected, can lead to irreparable damage.

3. Warranty

Most units have warranties, but to keep the warranty valid manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance servicing.

4. Energy Efficiency

It takes less energy to operate when it is running at optimal performance. Plus less energy consumption also means lower utility bills! Win-win.

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5. Avoid Emergencies

Small issues can develop into big repairs needed, and even full system failure. Furnace maintenance reduces the risk of a major malfunction, resulting in emergency heater repairs.

6. Safety

Especially when it comes to gas units, getting your heater checked out can prevent health hazards and fire. Carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical fires are avoidable with proactive system maintenance.

7. Comfort

Achieve accurate, steady temperature in every room of your house by having your heater checked out by certified technicians. For reliable comfort year-round, schedule a fall maintenance servicing.

8. Time

If something does need replacing, getting your heating system inspected and serviced early in the season will give ample time for ordering any parts and scheduling the labor.

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